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a whale jumping out of the water

Awe-inspiring glimpse at Hawaii’s majestic inhabitants

Every December through April, humpback whales return to the shallow and warm waters of Maui. We’ll take you on a dedicated whale-watching adventure, experiencing these amazing wild animals in their natural habitat. We hope to catch a glimpse of them swimming, singing, and occasionally leaping into the air for a few moments of breathtaking natural beauty.

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Whale Watch

a whale swimming through dark waters


  • 2 hour luxury whale watch
  • Exceptional service
  • Guaranteed sightings
  • Hot & cold appetizers
  • Full premium open bar
  • Free transportation from South Side resorts and condos
  • Charters limited to approximately half capacity to assure guest comfort
  • Two oversized clean bathrooms
  • Hydrophone – Maui’s best “whale karaoke”
  • Easy access from dock
  • Photos available for additional purchase

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